Online fax service Review provides full range of services connected with the fax getting and receiving. Besides fax itself Maxemail offer a voice mail messages service.

Any customer gets an opportunity to send and receive fax messages in convenient PDF formant and also gets voice mail to its personal number.

Editorial Ranking

According to the information from we can give Maxemail a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. We decided to rate them at this level because of several deficits in its work.

Let’s begin with disadvantages. There are few of them but they are rather serious. So, the first one is that this service has average customer’s service. It concerns the absence of phone customer service. In our time when there are a lot of online fax services to have such customers’ support isn’t nice idea.

The other disadvantage is that you have to pay a start-up fee. As usual, such services don’t have such payment and it reduces greatly chances to become more popular.

And the last con is that there are no combined pages in their paid plan. You have 250 free incoming pages and 100 free outgoing pages per month. According to the last standards the pages should be combined in the month plan.

To the positive sides of Maxemail we can put down the next features:

  1. User-friendly interface which is very simple and quickly to learn.
  2. The possibility to save up to 30% of fee under the condition of annual payment.
  3. Nice customers support but the absence of on phone reach spoils the general picture.
  4. The possibility to have a 30 days trial period with the full possibilities of paid version.

Customers Reviews

Based on testimonials we managed to find in the Internet we can say that the customers aren’t too much satisfied with Maxemail services level. They don’t like  the impossibility to reach support via the telephone. The other reason for dislike is the 5 cents fee per 30 seconds of transmission. The customers also admit the necessity to pay 10 cents for each fax you sent and 5 cents for each received.

Other Maxemail Reviews found

This fax service is rather popular so it wasn’t very difficult to find any other reviews of Maxemail. In general the reviewers admit the high level of support service and the additional services, such as voicemail. But on the other hand all want to see more additional possibilities in customer support and more features in general.