FaxZERO.com Review

Online fax service FaxZero.com ReviewFaxZERO is one of the simplest on-line fax services. It can propose two variants of membership. You can easily send your fax message without any registrations and additional adjustments.  All initial possibilities are available at the home page and can be used at any time.

Editorial FaxZERO.com Rating

We’ve mentioned before that FaxZERO is the simplest on-line service. Let us explain why. You can access the web site of FaxZERO.com and send faxes directly from there. All you need is to fill two boxes with proper data:

  1. Sender information: name, company, fax and sender e-mail.
  2. Receiver information: name, company, fax.

You can also attach a document to your fax. FaxZERO supports three types of documents: *.doc, *.docx and *.pdf

You can attach up to three documents one time. There is also a possibility to enter required text in special box and send it with your fax. Then you enter confirmation code and your fax is sent to your partner, colleague or friend.

The disadvantages of FaxZERO.com are much serious then its positive sides.

  • The first one is that you need to have a fax to send your messages. The service just give you an opportunity to send attached documents with your fax. Of course, you can use it at any time and place, but it is much worse than in similar services.
  • You can’t also send a free fax to another country except the USA and Canada.
  • International faxes are paid.
  • When you use free variant of service you will also get a cover sheet with advertising.
  • Free faxes can’t be more than 3 pages.
  • You can’t send more than 2 free faxes per day.

Customers FaxZERO.com Reviews

According to the customers opinion we can give FaxZERO a rating of 3 out of 5. Yes, it allows any customer send a fax with several clicks and attaches three types of documents. But its advantage can’t  existence of advertising on any free letter. Some clients also dislike a limitation of 15 pages in paid variant.  There is also no information about fax storage. Now this service doesn’t exist.

Other FaxZERO Reviews Found

We weren’t able to find too many reviews about FaxZERO. But according to the information we found it is possible to say that in general people have positive attitude to FaxZERO.com. Its simplicity and friendly interface are worth a lot. On the other hand the lack of functionality can’t attract too many customers immediately and all reviewers concur that this service needs improving.