EFaxCorporate.com Review

Online fax service EfaxCorporate.com Review

efaxcorporate.com is online fax service powered by e-fax. In addition to fax services it can propose such services as Fax Printer, Fax Web Service API and Fax Junk Filter. It is IP based solution provider which means full security of fax network.  The centers and offices of Venali are in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia which allow sending faxes worldwide.

Editorial efaxcorporate.com Rating

Based on efaxcorporate.com review we decide to give Efaxcorporate a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. We would rate it at this level because of several reasons. This fax service is rather good and has some special features which distinguish it among other similar web-sites. But at the same time does have some special features and possibilities so that we can name it excellent. efaxcorporate.com has reasonable fees. The other cons are:

  • The possibility to retry your fax;
  • The notification about undelivered faxes;
  • The confirmation about successful message delivery;

You can easily check your account with Account Manager Center. efaxcorporate.com can also propose different solutions for Desktop, SAP and ERP.

Under some reasonable fees you can get a spam fax filter and cover sheets with different customizable options. The services of efaxcorporate.com are easy for integration with Mircosoft Office 2003 which can give additional functionality for any customer.

Customer efaxcorporate.com Reviews

efaxcorporate.com is a very popular online fax service so it wasn’t very difficult for us to find various customers’ testimonials. We discovered that all customers are very satisfied with level of services and support and enjoy efaxcorporate.com usage. The customers admit the speed and quality support team reaction and the possibility to check any fax you weren’t able to get in the efaxcorporate fax storage.

People like the easy activation and the 30 days trial version.  And of course, corporate workers like the possibility of message broadcasting.

We found the comparisons with other online fax services and in general the customers prefer efaxcorporate.com because of its reliability and common services level.

Other efaxcorporate Reviews found

This service is very popular so it wasn’t very difficult to find other reviews of efaxcorporate.com. All reviewers concur that it is one of the best online fax services ever. Its cooperation with e-fax gave additional preferences before competitors and own services have just strengthen its positions.