EFax.com Review

Online fax service Efax.com Review

EFax.com is the web-site specially designed for people who want to have a constant access to fax service in any place and time. This service has more than 11 millions of satisfied customers and they can use e-fax services in more than 49 countries.

This service began its work in 1997 and since that time more than 1,000,000,000 faxes had been transferred to their recipients.

Editorial efax.com overview

Based on en.efax.com we would give e-fax a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. We decided to rate it at this level because this service offers high quality services under affordable prices. This service provides two types of registration:

  1. 30 days free trial – you can send up to 50 faxes and receive up to 130.
  2. Paid version – €11, 00 per month, you can receive up to 130 pages.

Pluses of efax

  1. It is the best online fax service in the world and has the best opportunities.
  2. You can use e-fax via your mobile phone or in your PC – anywhere and everywhere you want. E-fax is always available.
  3. Service makes digitals copies of all faxes. You can easily find your fax in e-fax digital archive.
  4. You can select your number among more than 4300 available cities all over the world.
  5. Easy to use.
  6. Free on-line support and trial.
  7. Fax database security.

To the disadvantages of e-fax we can ascribe the next point: you will need to pay a certain rate for any less than 60 seconds fax page. If the transmission of the fax page takes longer than 60 seconds you will pay a page rate.

Customer EFax.com Reviews

This service has a lot of customers and it was very easy to find e-fax testimonials.  More than 11 million customers in 46 countries and all of them are very pleased of all e-fax services. This service has nice support service and it is very easy to get necessary information. Current customers consider e-fax being one of the best on-line fax services ever. Some of them appreciate the opportunity to have a trial period and small paid fee. But others aren’t happy with the necessity to pay for any fax page transmission of which is less than 60 seconds.

Other EFax.com Reviews found

It wasn’t a problem to find reviews of EFax.com on the Internet. This service is rather popular and people talk a lot about it. Basing at online fax services rating we can say that e-fax is in the first places. Customers and reviewers like its signing fees and nice online support. Also everybody is pleased with unlimited fax storage and existence of corporate plans and premium upgrades. But all reviews accentuate the necessity to pay for sent fax pages transmission of which is less than 60 seconds.