Online fax service Review is the Internet fax system which is powered by e-Fax – the largest on-line fax service. It means that callwave customers get all advantages and possibilities of of e-Fax service.  Besides fax callwave can propose much more services:

  1. Fuze Box.
  2. Fuze Meeting
  3. Fuze Messenger
  4. Call Wave Internet Fax service

Editorial Overview

According to the available information we can give rating of 5 stars. This service has a lot of different additional possibilities and can provide any customer with full range of services. Further to one of the best online fax services Callwave allows to use web-conferencing, voicemail-to text, Internet answering machine etc.

Customers Reviews

The customers of Callwave admit the high level of services and nice support. They also like user-friendly interface and accessing simplicity.  The other group of clients appreciates the possibility to have free 30-days trial version. Some of the customers like service level that they recommend this company to their friends and colleagues, because, according to their words, they have facilitated their work greatly by improving communication with their customers and clients. People compare Callwave with other online-fax services and say that it is much better on services and organization level.

Other Callwave Reviews found

Callwave is a rather well-known online fax service so we were able to find a lot of information and other reviews. The reviewers concur that this service is well organized and have wonderful perspectives for further development. In general Callwave service leaves only positive impressions. The variety of possibilities which it can propose for a customer really impresses. Solutions created by are the things which will be useful for any kind of business. Global presence system, videoconference, and messenger – all this will find its satisfied clients. And the cooperation Callwave with e-Fax automatically made its fax system one of the best.